Summer Program

New positive experiences, build community connections.

Rahma organizes a summer youth program for recent immigrant youth and youth from low-income families free of charge.
We were happy to see friendships develop during the summer program and kids become more engaged and vocal during different activities through the summer youth program. We are also delighted to provide a fun and memorable summer experience. The program provided Rahma with the opportunity to support newcomer families with new positive experiences, build community connections, and create a positive support network.
Rahma works with more than 150 youths and provides them with a wide range of activities and programming.
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Att. All youths, this happening tonight In shaa Allah, see you all there
Join us this Sunday at Rahma Masjid and attend our youth workshop... see you soon!!
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🌟 Assalamu Alaikum! Join us for an inspiring youth workshop showcasing stories of youth who changed the world. 🌍 Engage in fun activities, relish delicious food, and make the most of this enriching program. 🤝 We encourage everyone to participate and benefit from this opportunity, In shaa Allah! #YouthEmpowerment #communityworkshop #youth
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Our team is having a 🎳 session with a lot of fun 👏
Workshop by IPW and ECCM to keep our youth up to date and informed about racism and discrimination ipw. #training #learning #focus
Computer classes will start on SATURDAY, Feb 4th, 2023.  Registration is closed! Class is full
Session with @wpgpoliceofficial. Everyone is invited!!